Master studies programs

  • The European Regional Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights (ERMA)
  • Nutrition
  • European Studies (ES)
  • One Health
  • International and Regional Security – NEW MASTER PROGRAM!
  • Natural Disasters Risk Management in Western Balkan Countries– NEW MASTER PROGRAM!

Doctoral studies programs


Life Long Learning


CIS focuses on the interdisciplinary education of new generation of local experts as one of the preconditions for consolidatig democracy, rule of law, and a sustainable economic system

Getting B&H closer to EU

CIS has had a broad mandate to provide assistance in relation to legal issues relevant to the transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a democratic state, through review and reform of existing legislation and the development of a strong civil society, in order to bring BIH closer to the legal framework of the European Union.


  • Development of local resources
  • Interdisciplinary education of new generation of experts
  • Contribution to scientific research and the education