ERMA students visited the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of their course on Democratization and EU Integration, students of the European Regional MA programme in Democracy and Human Rights in Southeast Europe (ERMA) had the opportunity to visit the EU delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the visit, the students met with EU officials responsible for promoting democracy, human rights, and EU integration in the country. This was an opportunity to gain insights into the role of the EU in promoting democratic values and human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to learn about the challenges that the country faces in this regard.

These visits are valuable and practical experiences for the students and ERMA is proud to provide such opportunities. Students can benefit from exposure to international diplomacy and learn about the role of the EU as a regional and global actor in promoting democracy and human rights. By meeting with EU officials, students can gain insights into the EU’s approaches and strategies to promoting democratic values and human rights.

The EU has developed a wide range of policies and initiatives aimed at promoting democracy and human rights in its member states and partner countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. A visit to the EU delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina can provide students with an opportunity to learn about these policies and initiatives and how they are being implemented on the ground.

Finally, this is a valuable networking opportunity with EU officials and other stakeholders who work on democracy and human rights issues. Such connections can be valuable for future academic and professional pursuits, as well as for gaining further insights into the field of democracy and human rights.