As a result of the European integration processes, there is an increased need for a new profile of experts on the market with specific knowledge about Europe, European Union and its history, in terms of both economic and political cooperation.

Since 2000, this program has been educating young professionals in an interdisciplinary and innovative way, enabling them to become the pillars of change in the European integration processes. Its goal is to contribute to the realization of these processes and increase the awareness of their immense importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its wider region. The program is intended for graduate students of all faculties, who have the need and desire to contribute to the transition processes and the accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the EU.

The interdisciplinary program is implemented in accordance with Bologna standards and includes mobility of both professors and students, ECTS grading system, partnership between different universities and high quality of teaching. Students can enroll in one-year program (+1), worth 60 ECTS credits, or two-year program (+2), worth 120 ECTS credits. The languages of instruction are Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian or English.


The study is designed as a one-year and two-year program, adapted for candidates who have achieved 180 ECTS or 240 ECTS during the first cycle of studies. The one-year program lasts for two semesters (60 ECTS), and classes are held in only one semester, while the summer semester is reserved for active work on the final thesis. The one-year program can be conducted in English and/or Bosnian, depending on the students’ interests. The two-year program lasts for four semesters (120 ECTS) and includes 11 mandatory subjects and three electives, as well as the preparation and defense of a final thesis. Upon defending the thesis, students receive a diploma from the University of Sarajevo – Master of European Studies.


The study is intended for graduates of all faculties who have the need and desire to contribute to the processes of transition and accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union, as well as its successful positioning after joining this integration. Given that this is a scarce workforce that is increasingly in demand, this study offers the possibility of career advancement in all government bodies, the business environment, the non-governmental sector, media, education, international organizations, and the like. Of course, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s progress on the path to joining the European Union also opens up numerous opportunities for employment in institutions of the united Europe.


The amount of participation fees, prices of services, and tuition fees for the University of Sarajevo, as well as its faculties and academies, are determined by the Decision of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton on giving consent to the amount of participation fees, prices of services, enrollment fees, and other study costs of the University of Sarajevo, as well as its faculties and academies (Official Gazette of the Sarajevo Canton, No. 19/09, 31/12, 36/12, 4/15, 15/15, 16/18, and 21/18). For the Master’s program in European Studies, the tuition fee is:

One-year program: 2,500 EUR

Two-year program: 3,500 EUR



In addition to the application for enrollment in studies and the online application, candidates must submit:

  • Original diploma and diploma supplement (for students who have completed the Bologna study program), or a nostrified diploma for candidates who have not completed their previous studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (students of the University of Sarajevo who have completed the first cycle of studies can submit a certificate of completed studies until the diploma and diploma supplement are issued if the graduation ceremony takes place after the deadline for submitting applications for enrollment in this competition), or a certified copy of the original diploma, diploma supplement or nostrified diploma
  • Certificate of passed exams (original or certified copy)
  • Extract from the birth register
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Other documents relevant for determining the number of points based on criteria
  • CV sent to the email address

For more information, please see:


Master in European studies: Curriculum 2017