Interdisciplinary master program „One Health“

Interdisciplinary master program, based on the One Health concept and investigation of real labor market needs, has been created at the University of Sarajevo through TEMPUS project ( in cooperation with higher education institutions from European Union (EU). Experiences from the first generation of students (2016/2017) and external evaluation had shown that the program addressed current human and animal health issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina through a modern scientifically based interdisciplinary approach. 

General aims of the program are:

–      Expand competencies for recognizing, analyzing and containing health disorders in populations of humans and animals building on monodisciplinary education gained during earlier formal education, and/or during their work in the formally separated systems of public health and animal health protection towards one health approach;

–      Promote knowledge and skills in disciplines and sciences closely related to public health, animal health, and food safety, primarily focusing on the internationally recognized need for science-based decision making and cost-efficiency;

–      Demonstrate advantages of interdisciplinarity in the context of efficiency, optimal resource allocation and promoting health issues in wider socio-political context;

–      Establish a platform for better communication, formal and informal networking as well as for recognition of health risks overcoming barriers of host species, space and administrative borders, and capacities of separate systems of public health and animal health protection.


The required documents (originals or certified copies) are:  

  • Request for enrolment stating the title of the study program you are applying,   
  • Diploma and diploma supplement (for bologna programs completed in BiH or official professional qualification recognition from bologna graduates from abroad (Candidates who completed study program but still did not receive the official diploma and diploma supplement can submit prove on completed studies. Candidates from aboard in process of professional qualification recognition can submit the proof of the undertaken process of recognition), 
  • List of grades for courses in undergraduate studies (serves as an equivalent for diploma supplement for pre-bologna graduates or bologna graduates awaiting issuing of official diploma/diploma supplement),
  • Resume (Curriculum vitae)
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Birth certificate, 
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Other documents according to selection criteria

More information is available by contacting the Center for interdisciplinary studies of the University of Sarajevo (Zmaja od Bosne 8, 71 000 Sarajevo, +387 33 668 685).

Program administrator: Maida Omanović –