The Global Classroom, as one of the core activities of the Global Campus of Human Rights, once a year brings together students and professors from all Global Campus Regional Programmes for a week-long conference, where a topic of current interest for all the regions involved is studied, analysed and discussed. The discussion is enriched with the participation of experts including representatives of States, UN Agencies, EU experts and civil society organisations. The forthcoming edition of the Global Classroom will revolve around the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty and the implementation of its recommendations.

The activity will take place in April 2020 in Rabat, Morocco, with the participation of students and academics from the seven master programmes currently being held across five continents. The four selected students of the ERMA programme will participate in the Global Classroom 2020, hosted by Arab Master Programme together with Governments of the Arab Region.

The GC SEE / ERMA application call for the Global Classroom 2020 was launched on the 17th of January 2020 with the deadline on 24th of January 2020. Students showed great interest and 9 full applications were received. The selection was finalised on the 30th of January 2020, with the formal announcement of the results as specified below.  

The Selection Committee was composed of Prof. Asim Mujkić, ERMA UNSA co-director, Prof. Marco Borraccetti, ERMA UNIBO co-director; Mariana Hadžijusufović, ERMA Coordinator; Alina Trkulja, A&D Unit Coordinator and the academic tutors of the Programme, Marija Ivanović and Aida Salihović-Gušić.

We wish to thank everyone for applying for the Global Classroom and congratulate to the selected students!

  Latić Esma 16 SELECTED
  Rasiti Gresa 15 SELECTED
  Fazlić Muamer 14,75 SELECTED
  Kalem Melina 14,25 SELECTED
  Campos Fernandez Angela 13,25 1 RESERVE
  Đonlić Enna Zone 12,9 2 RESERVE
  Ibišević Emina Ema 12,5  
  Valjevac Ajla 12,25  
  Burina Ajla 11