What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the applied science of food and its effects on the human body, including growth, development, function, concentration, efficiency during all stages of the life cycle in health and disease. Nutritionists are significant intermediaries in transferring nutritional scientific knowledge to the overall and targeted population to preserve or improve health and overall organism status.

Why Nutrition?

The need for high-quality, well-educated, highly skilled personnel in the scientific field of nutrition is significant. The specialist study “Nutrition” is a response to society’s need for training experts who are increasingly needed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the interest in this type of personnel is expressed by the food industry (development of new products, communication in terms of consumer education, product quality control); institutions offering organized nutrition for certain population groups (preschool and school institutions, student dormitories, military institutions, homes for the elderly and infirm, hospitals); restaurants, hotels, spas, sports professional and non-professional organizations; research institutes (related to the food and pharmaceutical industry); public health institutions; competent ministries; centers for promoting specific diets (vegetarianism, macrobiotics, halal, kosher, etc.).

Trends in Nutrition

Increasing population worldwide with a simultaneous decrease in fertile arable land

Problem of increased food waste

Constant changes in dietary patterns and health implications Increasing awareness of the importance of proper nutrition

An increasing number of people are paying attention to their diet, seeking advice/help. Often, this advice is provided by inadequately educated individuals.

Study Organization

Enrollment Requirements: 300 ECTS

Duration: 2 semesters – 60 ECTS

Title: Nutrition Specialist

Institution: Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Sarajevo

Executors: Professors from several faculties from different scientific disciplines

Price: 4,000 KM (payment in installments possible)

Nutrition specialists are qualified for various business opportunities in units of state/entity administration that create public policies in the fields of education, economics, consumer protection, health, sports, and culture, food and nutrition counseling centers, consumer protection, nutrition, health, and sports associations, food and pharmaceutical industries, institutes and institutions oriented towards the health and nutrition of people, institutions where collective nutrition is represented: preschool and school institutions, student dormitories, military barracks, homes for the elderly, hotels, spas, fitness and spa centers. These business opportunities may include responsible planning, organizing, controlling, and leading the diet regime, alternative and special forms of nutrition, food education and counseling, for specific tasks in the food and pharmaceutical industry, preschool and school institutions, student dormitories, military barracks, etc.


Candidates (with Bosnian citizenship and from abroad) have the right to enroll in a specialist study program under the same conditions, with previously acquired 300 ECTS:

completion of the second cycle of university education,

completion of at least a four-year study program according to the pre-Bologna system, which is equated with the second cycle of university education in the established equivalence procedure,

completion of an integrated study program lasting five and/or six years,

completion of faculties in the fields of biotechnical and natural sciences, medical and social sciences with the following orientations: Food technology, Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Health studies, Sports, Tourism.


Along with the application for enrollment in a study program and the online application, candidates must provide:

Original diploma and diploma supplement or a certified copy of the original diploma,

diploma supplement or nostrification of the diploma

Certificate of passed exams (original or certified copy)

Birth certificate

Citizenship certificate

Other relevant documents for determining the number of points based on criteria.

Send CV (biography) to the email cis@cis.unsa.ba

All additional information about the program is available below:




Doc. Dr. Irzada Taljić on the Specialist program in Nutrition at UNSA on the TV show Studentski Impuls 45.

Contact person: Sanja Dželilović

e-mail: sanja.dzelilovic@cis.unsa.ba