Peacebuilding “From Below”: The Relevance of ”The Local” in Peace Building Processes

InPeace Intensive Course and Model NATO in TROMSØ                                          

7 – 11 March 2022

Peacebuilding “From Below”:

The Relevance of ”The Local” in Peace Building Processes

  • offers an intensive one-week course in peace and conflict studies, sponsored by a Nordplus Higher Education grant and an Erasmus+ grant, focusing on people, communities and cities in peacebuilding and an inclusive and intersectional approach to peace studies. This course will be combined with a Model NATO where the overall theme is exploring gender and security perceptions at NATO. Mandatory online sessions prior to the course.
  • The 2022 InPeace Intensive Model NATO Course is organized around four interlinked teaching and research themes (TRTs):

               TRT 1: How do we know “The Local” – Review of the Literature

TRT 2: Critical Methodologies

               TRT 3: Intersectionality as a Method and Lens

               TRT 4: Applying Methodologies to Cases and Cases for Analysis

  • The course brings together many of the leading scholars in the field of peace and conflict studies.
  • The course is open to Master’s students.
  • Travel and accommodation is covered by the grant from Nordplus and Erasmus+.
  • The course counts as 5 ECTS credits.

Application process:

Students from the partner universities must apply directly through their own universities. Each partner university nominates up to 6 students to participate in the program based on a competitive selection process. Due to the mentioned structure of project, only currently enrolled students at the University of Sarajevo are eligible to apply.


LINK to the online application:

Contact person for University of Sarajevo is: – Marija Ivanović (CIS, UNSA)


While further details can be found on the website of the Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre and the CPS website