Open call for 6th Antall József Summer School in Budapest

A call for application for 6th Antall József Summer School, to be held on 2-13 July 2018 in Budapest, Hungary is now open.

The Antall József Summer School is a two-week educational programme putting under scrutiny the most pivotal cooperation of the Central European region, the Visegrad Cooperation.

The Summer School in 2018 will examine the Visegrad Cooperation and its regional environment through a variety of perspectives with the help of scholars and internationally-acknowledged senior experts. In partnership with NATO, AJSS will bring together a range of experts on security policies, enabling them to offer an insight and discuss not only the future of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in general, but also the V4’s role in it. Although AJSS is mainly about the Central European region, it puts great emphasis on our wider neighbourhood as well. The current trends in the V4’s foreign relations and the shifting regional cooperation are of particular importance. During the two weeks of the Summer School, the most significant issues affecting the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries will be discussed.

The Knowledge Centre invites 30 participants, aged 23-35, primarily from the V4 countries, Western Balkan, and Eastern Partnership member states.

Find more information in the call for application.