Italian Culture Season 2017 begins in Sarajevo with a concert by Vinicio Capossela

The 2017 Italian Culture Season in Bosnia, earlier known as the annual Month of Italian Culture in Bosnia, is organized by our partner: the Italian embassy to Bosnia. It will begin on September 16 with a concert of a major Italian singer-songwriter, Vinicio Capossela, in Sarajevo’s National Theater.

Vinicio Caposselas’ style is strongly influenced by US singer and songwriter Tom Waits (Capossela repeatedly recorded his songs with the help of Waits’ guitarist, Marc Ribot). He also draws inspiration from the traditions of Italian folk music (especially those of Irpinia, the part of Campania where his family moved from in the 1950s). Capossela’s lyrics are highly original and are often inspired by literary sources such as John Fante, Geoffrey Chaucer, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and others.

Capossela will also have concerts in Banja Luka two days later and in Mostar on September 20 at the National Theatre in each city, at 20:30 hrs. Tickets will have a symbolic price of 5KM.