Doctoral Program: Global Studies

Name of the Program: Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Social Sciences: Global Studies

Proponent of the Program: University of Sarajevo, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

Type of the Program: Academic Study Program

Level: Third Cycle Study Program

Duration: 6 semesters

ECTS credits: 180 ECTS

Academic/Professional Title: Doctor of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Language of Instruction: English and/or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

European Qualification Framework (EQF): Level 8

Frascati Classification: 509

Other Social Sciences

Social Sciences – Interdisciplinary

Tuition Fee: 9,000 EUR

How to Apply?

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Program objectives

Global Studies is an emerging interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding global movements as a multidimensional process with serious social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic consequences. This field requires an interdisciplinary, historical approach to contemporary social problems. It also emphasizes the need for simultaneous understanding of problems in their local, national, regional and global (international and transnational) contexts. The interdisciplinary doctoral study Global Studies provides a unique interdisciplinary program for students who wish to study global issues such as conflict, migration, human rights, sustainability, political economy, culture, gender, religion and development from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The fundamental goal of the interdisciplinary doctoral program Global Studies is to expand students’ knowledge in the field of interdisciplinary research in the social sciences, develop students’ independent research abilities and create future researchers capable of leading interdisciplinary research projects in the social sciences. Furthermore, the goal of the interdisciplinary doctoral program is to encourage critical thinking in students and to ensure prerequisites for successful and responsible scientific work in accordance with the highest scientific, methodological and ethical standards. This program will prepare students to the best possible extent for their further academic career or a career in the governmental or non-governmental sector.

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