Call for Abstracts: Policy Analyst for the Global Campus Policy Observatory Programme

The Global Campus of Human Rights is launching a call to select policy analysts responsible for implementing the second edition of the GLOBAL CAMPUS POLICY OBSERVATORY project.

The Observatory is a ‘virtual hub’ which will comprehend a team of seven researchers from the network of universities and alumni of the regional programmes, who will produce, publish and publicly present seven different policy analyses in form of policy briefs with the aim of making of each regional programme a solid focal point for policy expert advisory in human rights issues.

This year Policy Observatory will revolve around Environment and Human Rights: Realizing the rights of future generation.

The selected persons will be in charge of producing the Regional programme’s policy brief and to identify the target audience (NGOs, Governments and other stakeholders) to which address an advocacy message. They will work in close cooperation with the Policy Observatory Coordinator. They will be hired under the terms and conditions of a service agreement with Global Campus. Please notice that this is not to be considered a full time job offer, but a part time consultancy remunerated with an honorarium of 800 Euros that will involve a limited amount of working hours to be tentatively distributed from January-April/May 2021.

1. Proven experience in policy paper writing in one of the following topics:

  • Human rights education at university level;
  • Climate change;
  • Human rights defenders;
  • Youth activism;
  1. Proven experience in policy advisory;
  2. Proven experience in advocacy work;
  3. Be an Alumna/us of one of the Regional Programmes;

Candidates holding these qualifications are strongly encouraged to express their interest by submitting at and until 20t​ h​January 2021 the following:

– updated CV with list of publications, prioritizing the policy papers authored

– the policy brief abstract

More info: