About Children’s Rights at ERMA


The GCSEE children’s rights activities and projects focus on advancing children’s rights in the region through innovative research, education, and advocacy. These activities are also implemented in the regional Master’s programme through educational mainstreaming led by regional and global experts in the field of children’s rights. Moreover, the mainstreaming activities also include capacity-building training, as well as various scholarships and grants to researchers, students, and field experts. The partnership also ensures education on children’s rights, as well as an activist approach. The projects produced constantly target contemporary issues, propose policies and recommendations, engage the programme’s Alumni Network (EAN), and connect regional partner Universities through research. In addition, GCSEE is a proud part of the Global Campus Child Leadership Team and the regional pioneer in establishing the first Child-Led Team in Europe. The children’s rights programme promotes children’s participation in decision-making, the education of children in the field of policy and research, as well as activism and advocacy. The activities and projects are created and coordinated by the Children’s Rights Regional Officer, Nejira Pašić.