Academic Calendar

The European Regional Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (ERMA), is a unique regional interdisciplinary one-year full time Master program developed in three terms. The first one takes place at the University of Sarajevo, where students attend lectures, seminars, academic visits, field trips in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The second term foresees a seven-week internship period within the SEE region, while the third term is devoted to the finalization of the master theses, accommodated at the Residential Centre of the University of Bologna in Bertinoro/Santa Sofia. Lectures last from November to June, the internship period follows afterwards, while the mobility term in Italy is implemented in September and October. At the end of October students reconvene in Sarajevo for the theses defences and the graduation ceremony.


Cluster 1: PHILOSOPHY OF HUMAN RIGHTS First half of November – January
Cluster 2: DEMOCRACY January – first half of February
Cluster 3: ETHNICITY, NATIONALISM AND RELIGION Second half of February – first half of March
Cluster 4: ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RIGHTS Second half of March – end of April


May – first half of June
Cluster 6: METHODOLOGY OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND WRITING First two weeks of November and within all five clusters
Internships in the SEE region Second half of June – end of July
Preparation of master’s thesis (University of Bologna) Semptember – first half of October
Graduation ceremony (September-October) in Sarajevo (BiH) End of October